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Studsviktechpark områdesbild

From laboratory environment to demonstrators

Studsvik Tech Park is approximately 80 hectares in size and brings together companies, organizations and key competencies in one place.


The park has its own water system, water tower, thermal power plant with three different boilers, district heating network, waste water treatment plant, incoming electricity with redundant sub-stations, salt water cooling, deep harbor and much more.

STUNS Energi contributes to NRGY HUB through our network of “first customers”, early adopters, to companies with new energy and environmental technology, as well as services / products related to the area. Together with a number of actors in the Uppsala region we start from needs and challenges in various activities, and from there develop innovation projects that contribute to the transformation of the energy system and Agenda 2030.


Testbeds and innovation projects fulfill their purpose best when they take place as close to the operations as possible. In other words, better conditions are created for development in the energy / environment area through testbed projects at, for example, municipal regional real estate, water and energy players compared with test beds in artificial, non-authentic environments.

STUNS also contributes through both experience and implementation of open data projects, where we are already active in open data publishing of energy-related installations such as solar cells and energy storage.

Thomas Vedin

Project manager Studsvik

+46 (0) 76 - 002 10 48

Hans Nyhlén

Operations Manager STUNS Energi

+46 (0) 70 - 972 50 44

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